Mastery Retreat at Sacred, Mystical Mt. Shasta, California
October 12 - 17, 2015
with Trish Regan

Aloha Dear Friends,

YES ... we are going back to Mt. Shasta! What an amazing time to experience this mystical, powerful vortex of highest radiant energy ... my second spiritual home!

It is so heartwarming to witness so many deep transformations with this work. Mt. Shasta, in northern California, is one of the most potent of the earthly vortexes of the balance of Divine Feminine/Masculine. Having worked with the dolphins and whales for more than twenty one years now, these angels of the sea have guided me to gather together at Mt. Shasta those of you who are ready for profound surrender to your Souls and deep connection to the center point of Being ... re-union with your God-Self.

The whales and dolphins will be merging with us as we re-awaken our ancient Lemurian heritage linking Mt. Shasta with Hawaii and create our "pod mind" together. We will be immersing ourselves in the sacred energy of the magnificent mountain, rivers and springs with two special Whale Initiations with the trees on the mountain.

“I absolutely loved the Shasta Mastery Retreat and so look forward to more!!! We all need you Trish, to lead us into this completely new time for expressing and unfolding our Mastery and moving forward into dimensions beyond this 3rd ... You are our teacher and guide. From my point of view you can not put a price on the experiences and expert guidance that has been gained through the retreat ... I witnessed your power and felt your and Doug’s amazing transcending love! Your support and advice is vital in learning to accept and acknowledge my life path.” Emma Love

In addition to the resonance of the dolphin energies and the water, the whales have given me two profound, powerful experiences I will share with you. Metatron, Angel of the Angels, and also St. Germain will be assisting in these initiations.

“Trish’s generous soul blankets her retreats with safety and warmth. I find them both restorative and expansive. The schedule is gentle, and Trish’s meditations are illuminating - a perfect combination in such a beautiful setting.”
Dr. Kathy O’Fallon

This will be a very profound experiential retreat with no lectures. We will be sharing our wisdom and experiences, meditation, sound healing, channeling and much inner quiet time in nature.

"I am in the afterglow from our week together and so appreciate the gift each of you are for me and for our infinite universe. This week was divinely life altering for me. Thank you to each of you for your divine inspiration and love. Trish your leadership was truly brilliant and divinely guided." Robin M.

Though we will have a daily schedule, the entire retreat will be guided by Spirit, the dolphins, and whales in the moment. We will surrender to the unfoldment of our Mastery and our Higher Selves as we adventure together into the Light.

"My intention to re-align with the Divine manifested beautifully ... Gaining a more solid sense of trust in the divine plan was an added bonus. I have a renewed commitment to allow that sense of trust to resonate in my core, as well as to include in my daily life that which fills my heart and soul with joy. Thank you, thank you, thank you." Nancy R.

Please see below for details. Space is very limited so please register early.

Love and Light,

Mt. Shasta, California

October 12 - 17, 2015


*Includes all gatherings, sacred sites
and all breakfasts

*Lodging and other food additional ... see below

$300 deposit


Conducted at Shasta Starr Ranch B&B
Formerly Mt. Shasta Ranch B&B ... just changed



These photos below are of the trees and the Ascension Flame photographic phenomena from the whales ... we will be utilizing this flame in the Whale Initiation on the mountain ... read the whole story on the Whale Initiation link above. We will also allow the mother whale to teach us how to deeply surrender to our souls ... read the story on my blog here:

Lodging at Shasta Starr Ranch B&B:
This Northern California, 2-story ranch house offers affordable elegance in a historical setting. Built in 1923 by H. D. "Curley" Brown as a thoroughbred horse ranch, the original guest accommodations included the main house and several cottages and bungalows. Present-day guests can still enjoy the unique atmosphere and mood of those early years which are reflected in the Mt. Shasta Ranch Bed & Breakfast. This magnificent home has four spacious guestrooms in the main house, separate carriage house with five bedrooms and a two-bedroom cottage. At the end of the day, sit by the crackling fire and look forward to a large county style breakfast in the morning. Formerly Mt. Shasta Ranch B&B ... just changed hands April 1, 2015.

Please check their web site for registration and rates. Reserve your room asap please and let me know where you will be and how many in your room so that I can keep track of the avialability.

*If you wish for me to arrange a roommate for you BEFORE registering (so that you can share the room cost), please let me know asap.
800-874-8555 or email:

Carriage House: 4 rooms w queen beds (two rooms have a roll-away available for second person)

Cottage: one room/queen bed plus one room with two twin beds (one shared bath)

Big House: Four large rooms w bath
Rooms have one queen bed per room - can allow rollaway for sharing for extra cost

Roommate and car sharing
If you would like to find a roommate and share a car, please give me permission to make your email available to others seeking to share. Some will be driving up from the San Francisco airport & Bay Area or some may fly into the Redding, California airport, which is a one hour drive from Mt. Shasta Ranch B&B. Mt. Shasta is about a four and half hour drive from San Francisco on highway 5.

Dinner October 12:
I have made reservations for our group at Lily's Restaurant (one of the best restaurants in Shasta). This will be self pay and is reasonably priced gourmet food including vegetarian dishes and other delectible choices.
Dinners other nights:
There are wonderful restaurants in the nearby town, or you can cook for yourself.
Cook for yourself if you like:
Breakfast is included in the retreat fee. You can either make your own lunches to take to the sacred sites, or we will place your lunch order for you to purchase your lunch on the way. There is a full kitchen in the Carriage House and the Cottage.


Photos from former Shasta Retreats below

Trish is a Spiritual Intuitive and co-founder of Dolphin\Spirit of Hawaii offering dolphin and whale swim retreats in Hawaii and the Kingdom of Tonga. She is author of the book series Essential Joy: Finding It, Keeping It, Sharing It. She also offers Into the Light Soul Readings, Core Light Activations, Guided Meditations, Inspirational Spiritual Workshops, DVDs and shares inspirations in her blog

Trish Regan
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